Sustainable Recycling

Stating the Problem

Throughout Latin America, waste pickers serve as a key player in the waste management process. However, they largely lack organizational structure, formal recognition and legal rights.


For the past eight years, Avina has invested in partners working on the ground and determined that sustainable and replicable solutions exist to improve the working conditions of the 2 million waste pickers throughout Latin America. In addition, there is growing national, regional and international interest and awareness in the issue.

Common Goal

Include millions of waste pickers in the sustainable management of waste through an alliance with waste pickers and other strategic actors.

Change Strategy

  • Strengthen waste pickers associations
  • Foster national and international networks
  • Improve waste pickers’ position in the recycling value chain
  • Include waste pickers professionally in city waste management systems
  • Engage waste pickers in new green markets and jobs
  • Develop inclusive public policies

International Alliances


  • Promote technological innovation in the recycling sector.
  • Strengthen links with related issues, i.e. climate change.
  • Increase levels of social and economic organization and management skills.