Stating the Problem

International migration increasingly affects the lives of large numbers of people in the Americas, but the laws, institutions, and policy frameworks which currently govern migration fail to reflect the integrated nature of migration patterns and fail to address the most critical issues facing migrants’ lives: violence against migrants in transit, abuses of their rights, the involvement of organized crime in the regional migration system, and the fundamental socioeconomic factors pushing migrants to leave their homes in search of opportunity.


New legislation and regulatory frameworks under discussion in Mexico and Central America suggests meaningful possibilities for policy change. Migrants’ organizations and other civil society actors in the region are increasingly active and sophisticated in discerning change strategies that seek to promote regional migration reform. And other leaders in key countries are moving forward with innovative models to support livelihoods opportunities and develop market-driven solutions.

Common Goal

Advance the rights of migrants and contribute to the economic sustainability of communities through long lasting policy changes, making migration a choice rather than a necessity.

Change Strategy

  • Promote sustainable regional migration and development policy reforms through coordinated national and local awareness raising efforts
  • Advance and protect migrant rights by ensuring that migrants move into the mainstream of the human rights policy agenda across the region
  • Support sustainable livelihood development in migrant sending areas so that migrants have a viable option to stay in their communities of origin.

International Alliances


  • Work with key stakeholders in Mexico and Central America to identify root causes of the problems in the region’s migration system
  • Support formal and informal coordination and collective action among organizations concerned with migrants’ rights
  • Build capacity among civil society groups
  • Develop innovative thinking about the best ways to mobilize and invest remittances for community development