Strategy for the Amazonian Biome

Stating the Problem

Amazon deforestation is a major contributor to climate change. Approximately 15-18% of the nine-nation Amazon biome has been deforested, and even more degraded. If current deforestation rates continue, there is danger of eco-system collapse, with catastrophic consequences for climate, biodiversity and people.


Avina’s work in the Amazon seeks to link actors to build social capital and align actions in the region. Current conditions favor a pan-Amazon strategy that incorporates the nine countries that share the Amazon basin. Global attention due to climate change represents a unique window of opportunity for collaboration.

Common Goal

Avina aims to conserve at least 80% of the Amazon Forest, which will guarantee a functioning ecosystem and high quality of life for the local population.

Change Strategy

  • Transparency: Use technology to monitor the forest, alert authorities and public regarding forest fires and illegal activities, raise awareness about policy gaps and threats to conservation.
  • Economy: Promote a new Amazonian economy based on biodiversity, environmental services and non-timber based economic activities; generate livelihoods compatible with the standing forest.
  • Culture: Value and invest in the people of the Amazon, recognizing the role of indigenous knowledge.

International Alliances


Develop, together with the local leaders and organizations, a common vision aimed at the full Amazon Biome in all its diversity, shifting away from fragmented projects

Work jointly with donors, business, civil society and public institutions to reinforce common actions, multiply success and identify collaborative efficiencies