Access to Water

Stating the Problem

Although Latin America has a wealth of water resources, 50 million inhabitants lack access to potable water. Climate change projections indicate the number will grow in coming decades.


The water crisis is not a matter of scarcity but a matter of management. Through initial investments, Avina has identified a set of community-driven solutions that are producing tangible, sustainable and scalable results for improved water access, while at the same time promoting democratic principles.

Common Goal

Strengthen and expand models of democratic governance of water, with an emphasis on Community-based Organizations (COs), to expand access to safe water for at least 5 million Latin Americans.

Change Strategy

  • Strengthen COs and their associations in terms of leadership, management and technology
  • Build national and regional peer networks for the exchange of innovation, best practices and know-how
  • Increase visibility and broker alliances with private and public sector actors to improve and expand service delivery

International Alliances

  • Agua Clara Consortium: Avina, CARE and ECODES
  • International Water and Youth Movement
  • Fundaci√≥n Avina
  • Coca-Cola Foundation and Company
  • The Million Children Foundation
  • Xylem, Inc.


  • Little social and political recognition of the COs as actors in local development.
  • Distill and promote best practices in capacity building.
  • Incorporate innovative financing mechanisms.
  • Promote Associations / Networks among community-based water management groups.
  • Reform of local legislative frameworks