About Us

Avina Americas

Avina Americas is a US based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to promote sustainable development in the Americas by connecting and engaging US and Latin American actors in shared strategies that contribute to collective social, economic and environmental benefits. We serve as an institution of reference and a fiscal steward for social investors, philanthropic and private organizations interested in contributing to sustainable development in Latin America. With staff based in Miami, FL. and Washington, DC., Avina Americas works primarily with US-based and Latin American actors building and facilitating shared agendas for action.

Our Vision

At Avina Americas, we envision a prosperous, democratic, integrated and compassionate Latin America that is strengthened by the diversity of its citizens, inspired by its multiple cultures and uniquely positioned as a global model of sustainable development.

How We Work

Avina Americas and Fundación Avina work together to consolidate and scale opportunities for systemic change toward sustainable development in Latin America.

Avina Americas serves as a vital bridge to new partners in North America, by building mutually beneficial alliances which incorporate new technology, know-how and resources. Avina Americas raises the presence and visibility of Latin American causes on the global scale. By building and strengthening international linkages and trust, Avina Americas seeks to accelerate and expand impact on the ground.

Fundación Avina identifies tipping-point opportunities in the region, which are then shared with Avina Americas in an effort to build regional alliances. Fundación Avina employs its resources, local presence in 13 countries in Latin America and relationships with thousands of allies to build shared strategies with the potential for continent-wide impact. Fundación Avina invests directly in these opportunities and seeks to link and strengthen the individuals and institutions that can drive that change toward a more sustainable future.

Annual Reports